To send questions, requests for personal files and related attachments addressed to the various offices of the ASP of Potenza, for communications with administrative, legal and economic content, it is necessary to use the personal PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) addressed to the following PEC of the Local Health Authority of Potenza, indicating in the letter the ASP Office of destination and the subject:

Sending e-mails involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender's electronic address and personal data that will be processed according to the rules on sensitive data and privacy. The information contained in the emails will not be disclosed to subjects unrelated to its processing.

IMPORTANT: the email address: can only be used to request information using ordinary email addresses (PEO) regarding the services and services provided by the ASP of Potenza (methods of access to services, information, timetables, offices, etc). The box is also not enabled to receive certified e-mails which must instead be sent exclusively to: (see above)

To facilitate the response to requests for information, it is preferable to indicate, in addition to the message, your name, address and a telephone number.

To send complaints and reports of disservice to the URP Office: use the e-mail using the completed, dated and signed form, downloadable at the following link and attaching a copy of a valid identification document:

- Owner of the processing of personal data: UOSD URP Comunicazione -  ASP